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Met Gala 2017

Soon to be mommy Serena Williams and he fiance Alexis Ohanian at the Met Gala. 

Serena Williams in the vogue struts her stuff in the Vogue Magazine Photo Booth.

Serena Williams wearing a custom  green Atelier Versace dress.

Kylie Jenner in  Versace.

Kylie and Donatella Versace.

Kendall Jenner wearing a creation from the La Perla Haute Couture Collection, designed by creative director Julia Haart.

The Weekend and his beauty Selena Gomez.

Diddy and his girlfriend Cassie.

Nicki Minaj and Halle Berry.

Kim Kardashian in all white gown by Vivienne Westwood Official.


Nicki Minaj wearing HM custom gown.

Pix Via: IG

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