The Growth of America

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What a time to be alive!!!! Election Day 2018 is sure to go down in history for all the right reasons! The results from this year’s midterm elections proved just how ready the American people are for positive change. All across the country, men and women from all walks of life performed their civic duty in hopes of bringing about a better tomorrow. So many historic moments took place yesterday that it’s hard to pinpoint only one. Continue reading

Michael B. Jordan, Celebrities make their mark for Midterm Elections

Ursula Mersel  @UrsulaMersel

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With Election Day on November 6th, people everywhere are encouraging Americans to get out and make their voices heard. Generation of people have fought and died so that everyone can be part of the political process without any stipulation. These activists have ranged from working class people to the rich and famous. Continue reading

Preserving Your Peace

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In a world filled with every stressor and responsibility imaginable, it’s completely understandable how a person can become overwhelmed. Human beings have mastered the art of producing results despite their circumstances. As valuable as that push through mentality may be, it can also be a great downfall. Continue reading