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Michelle Obama’s Memoir Becoming Has Taken Over

Ursula Brantley  @ursulamersel

Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s highly anticipated memoir Becoming officially hit stores and bookshelves on November 13th and it is already one of the most talked about books of 2018. As of Wednesday, Obama’s Becoming is at the top of Amazon’s best sellers list.

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Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, and T.I. Will Judge Netflix’s New Music Show

Ursula Mersel  @ursulamersel

If you’re a hip hop artist looking for your big break or a hip hop lover looking for quality entertainment then this is something you’ll definitely want to know. Netflix has announced they’re launching their first music competition show, Rhythm + Flow. In so many words, it’s going to be like American Idol or The Voice for this generation’s hip hop heads.

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Actress Kim Porter Passes Away at age 47

Ursula Mersel  @ursulamersel

Our hearts and prayers go out to Sean “Diddy” Combs, his children, and family as they mourn the loss of Kim Porter, model and mother of Diddy’s children. Sources tell how Porter had been suffering from pneumonia before going into cardiac arrest at her home on November 15th. She was 47 years old.

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Ariana Grande named Billboard’s 2018 Woman of the Year

Ursula Mersel  @ursulamersel

Singer Ariana Grande has been named Billboard’s 2018 Woman of the Year. The announcement comes after a year of awesome ups and devastating downs for the artist.

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Wildfires Threaten the Homes of Hollywood Stars

Ursula Mersel  @ursulamersel

Just days after a gunman took the lives of 12 people in a bar in California, residents of the state are taking yet another devastating blow. On Friday, thousands of California residents were evacuated from their homes due to the spread of the worst wildfires in the state’s history. Some of the areas most effected are the cities and neighborhoods where some of Hollywood’s biggest names rest their heads.


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The Real Talk Show co-host Tamera Mowry-Housley and husband Journalist Adam Housley mourn niece killed in California mass shooting

Ursula Mersel  @ursulamersel

Once again our country is in shock after of a mass shooting. On Wednesday, 28 year old Ian Long opened fire in Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, CA during college night. Long has since been confirmed dead.

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Rihanna Plays Zero Games with Trump

Written by Ursula Mersel   @UrsulaMersel

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Riri said IKYFL!!! NOT TODAY!!!! As we all know our beloved Rihanna holds her tongue for no man not even Donald Trump. After finding out that Trump and some of his fellow Republicans have been using her music to get the party started at their rallies Riri was not having it. Continue reading “Rihanna Plays Zero Games with Trump”

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The Growth of America

Ursula Mersel @UrsulaMersel

Photo Credit: @badassboz @entnewsflow

What a time to be alive!!!! Election Day 2018 is sure to go down in history for all the right reasons! The results from this year’s midterm elections proved just how ready the American people are for positive change. All across the country, men and women from all walks of life performed their civic duty in hopes of bringing about a better tomorrow. So many historic moments took place yesterday that it’s hard to pinpoint only one. Continue reading “The Growth of America”

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Michael B. Jordan, Celebrities make their mark for Midterm Elections

Ursula Mersel  @UrsulaMersel

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With Election Day on November 6th, people everywhere are encouraging Americans to get out and make their voices heard. Generation of people have fought and died so that everyone can be part of the political process without any stipulation. These activists have ranged from working class people to the rich and famous. Continue reading “Michael B. Jordan, Celebrities make their mark for Midterm Elections”

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Preserving Your Peace

Ursula Mersel  @UrsulaMersel

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In a world filled with every stressor and responsibility imaginable, it’s completely understandable how a person can become overwhelmed. Human beings have mastered the art of producing results despite their circumstances. As valuable as that push through mentality may be, it can also be a great downfall. Continue reading “Preserving Your Peace”